ABA Therapy at Motivated Care

Unlocking Every Child's Potential

In the heart of every child lies a world of potential waiting to be unlocked. At Motivated Care, our ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Services are the key to opening these worlds, especially for children with autism and related conditions.

A Beacon of Hope for Autism and ADHD

We specialize in ABA therapy, recognized as one of the top services in the USA. Our approach is finely tuned to each child, whether they're navigating autism, ADHD, or other learning challenges. It's not just therapy, it's a transformation.

Crafting Brighter Futures, One Child at a Time

Our ABA programs are more than just sessions, they're gateways to improved social skills, behavior management, and learning abilities. Each child receives individualized instruction, positive reinforcement, and a supportive environment to flourish.

Holistic Special Education by Motivated Care

ABA is just the beginning at Motivated Care. Our services extend beyond ABA therapy, offering a holistic approach to special education. We provide tailored support through impartial hearing settlements, ensuring no costs to parents. Our array of treatments and educational services, funded via Impartial Hearing Orders, caters to diverse needs, offering everything from CBT and 1:1 ABA to neuropsych testing.

Empowering Families Across New York's Diverse Communities

Motivated Care is a cornerstone in New York's special education landscape, serving Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. We offer SETSS, SIET, and after-school programs, quickly staffing cases to meet the unique requirements of each community, including Spanish-speaking clinicians for our diverse clients

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Begin your child’s journey to success with Motivated Care. Sign up for our DOE-funded ABA therapy, schedule a free SETSS consultation, or explore our extensive special education services. We’re committed to creating lifelong success stories, one child at a time.